Included below are sample programs for both PhD and Masters students participating in R2R. PhD students are encouraged to partake in R2R for up to five years, with a minimum of two years of participation. Years three through five are highly variable and subject to customization for each individual trainee.

Program training years 1-2:

YearR2R TrainingPrimary SupportTrainee Outcomes
OrientationR2R research opportunitiesDepartmental support (RA/TA)Knowledge and research, data analysis, and communication skills
1FallCommunication skills (ECO EVO 203A)
WinterR2R Seminar
SpringR2R Seminar
SummerSummer Institute (optional)
2FallEnvironmental solutions practicum (ESP)Departmental support (RA/TA)Communication and mentoring skills, interdisciplinary collaboration
SummerSummer Institute (optional)


Options for years three through five:

During years 3-5, trainees are encouraged and expected to find an internship to supplement their research and career development. There are  flexible training options for these years on a student by student basis. Primary support for students is provided by the procurement of the R2R Fellowship opportunity or aid in obtaining an outside internship. Training outcomes for the last three years include: progress toward scientific discovery, advancement to candidacy, research products, career development, public engagement, professional certification, and career placement.