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Climate Solutions Online Resource Hub

Climate change is a planetary crisis.  It’s a crisis we have collectively created together, but we are clever enough to think our way out of this.

Stephen Pacala, Princeton University, NOVA, Decoding the Weather Machine

This resource guide is a compilation of references (i.e. videos, scientific papers, websites, etc.) specifically related to climate change, with an emphasis on solutions.  It is filled with science-based information from highly reliable sources, particularly because this subject can often times be very confusing, misleading, polarizing, and highly political.

There is an overwhelming amount of information (and misinformation) available on this topic, but these specific resource materials were carefully selected and screened by scientists and educators who are very familiar with the subject matter.  It is intended to better prepare and inform conference participants both pre- and post- event.

The content has been divided into 3 categories (beginner, intermediate and expert) to help suit a wide array of knowledge and interest levels.  Please refer to the color coded box below for these distinctions and select the category that best matches your comfort level, interest, and background knowledge related to this subject matter.  Keep in mind there is a lot of overlap within these levels and content, but the hope is everyone who utilizes this guide will benefit from these resources and hopefully learn something new.

Resource Key

Introductory: Little to no prior knowledge or understanding of climate change causes and potential solutions.

Intermediate: Some prior knowledge or understanding of climate change causes and potential solutions.

Expert: Advanced knowledge and understanding of climate change causes and potential solutions.

Understanding Climate Change  

  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: the collection of peer-reviewed official reports describing what we know about the scientific basis of climate change, the anticipated impacts and vulnerabilities of society, and ways to prevent climate change.
  • UN Climate Report: official reports used to inform international policy discussions about climate change. Contain more information about emissions, and the economics of potential impacts and solutions to climate change.

Climate Change Solutions

Teaching Resources